Submission Guidelines

Lex Incolatus is a website which provides a platform to law enthusiasts to share their legal opinions with the world. The objective of Lex Incolatus is to create a platform for law professionals and students, where they can not only increase their legal knowledge but share their valuable insights regarding all aspects of laws. If you wish to feature your work on this knowledge-sharing platform, kindly peruse the guidelines below.

Content Writing 

  • The Lex Incolatus accepts submissions on a rolling basis on all relevant and recent legal topics.

  • Submissions can be in the form of articles, opinions, case comments and short notes.

  • Authors should give references at the end of the article, opinion, case comments and short note.

  • Authors are advised to keep their submission concise, ideally not more than 2500 words.

  • Line spacing: 1.5, Font: Times New Roman/ Calibri/ Arial,  Font size: 12.

  • Authors are advised to make a brief in the beginning to summarise their submission.

  • The relevant sources should be ideally mentioned in the texts.

  • Wherever case law, statutory materials, statistics or other resources are being referred to, appropriate links must be provided to those in the endnotes or the text itself.

  • Posts accepted for publication on the Lex Incolatus Blog may be posted on our social media platforms. 

  • Please ensure that the title of the submission should not be more than ten words.

  Submission Process:

  • All submissions for Lex Incolatus Blog must be uploaded via email:

  • Authors must include their full name, institution/organisation name and year of study if applicable.

  • Lex Incolatus conducts a strict blind-peer review of the submissions received and holds absolute discretion in determining whether to accept a submission or not. We will send an email upon acceptance as soon as possible.